High Security Locks Services in Auckland

High security locks belong to the third category when it comes to the level of security. The other levels are basic, resistant and ‘unpickable’. Although many locksmiths put the resistant and the high security locks into the same category and many hardware shops do not make distinction between these two in their catalogue listings, there some crucial differences between them after all. Thus, this article will provide detailed information on high security locks, their design and their features that make them so reliable.

The truth is that both high security and resistant locks are impervious to the attacks of a person with no skills in lock picking, they tend to behave quite differently when skilful and sophisticated attacks are concerned. In fact, the design of resistant locks is made in such a way that it makes it harder for the lock pick tools that are basic to go smoothly into the lock and defeat it. However, they do not prevent this completely. A person who is trained in lock picking and who fully understands the mechanism of a lock can easily defeat a resistant lock with the help of basic kits that can be purchased on the Internet. Thus, a resistant lock is not much of a trouble for a person who can easily handle the basic tools.

However, a lock which is a high security one has such mechanisms incorporated that it can completely block the use of any basic lock picking tools. Thus, even a person who is extremely skilled in lock picking will not be able to open a high security lock with a typical tool. Rather, they would need certain tools that are specialized and some special techniques as well, in order to open the lock. The use of specialized tools and the extremely good skills that are needed are exactly what makes high security locks importantly different from the resistant ones.

This class of locks is much recommended for the security and surveillance systems of large companies. Of course, not every door knob should be a high security lock, but the facilities and objects that are of extremely high importance should have these locks installed on them. Otherwise, the business is an easy target for even a not so skilled attacker. Although most companies have the surveillance cameras all over the place, someone who can bypass the system may also easily defeat the door locks which are under the level of high security.

To summarize, despite the fact that many locksmiths put resistant and high security locks into the same category, they are actually quite different. In fact, a high security lock will completely prevent a regular burglar from picking it with basic lock picking tools. Thanks to its mechanism, only an extremely skilled attacker who can use specialized techniques and tools would be able to defeat a high security lock. This type of lock is recommended not only for residential facilities, but also for big companies that need to protect their possessions and property.

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Manipulating the locks – the easy way


locksmith-17.jpgModern life has tons and tons of convenience, one of the biggest ones being the fact that we are masters of our own private space that is kept separate from the outside world and outside forces and where all of our belongings are being stored. Well, one of the most important things that lets us keep our privacy are locks, they have been around for quite some time, and while they have changed in shape, materials they’re made of and even in the roles they fulfilled, one thing remained a constant, existence of master locksmiths, people that have thoroughly studied the art of locks as well as security and that can make your life a lot easier and a lot safer. Just think about how many locks and keys are there around you each and every day. From the front door lock, car door or a safe to a more complex ones like locks that keep the door of the entire building shut down after certain time, locks in prisons and so on – there are hundreds of thousands of locks and they each have their role in the world. Locksmiths are men who have dedicated themselves to manipulating locks and putting them to good use.

locksmith-18.jpgVery few people actually think about a role a locksmith has in their life, up to the point when they really need services of one. Locksmith is one of the very few professions that are available to you around the clock, since most mundaine cases where locksmiths have to intervene include lost car keys, stuck home locks and something like that. Other then locksmiths that install and maintain locks in a private residence, there are locksmiths that sell their art well and make complex locks and security systems with regards to every other part of the security network. They all have to be available to their customers in case there’s an emergency – the locksmith is a profession that doesn’t allow for the rest.

Here’s some information about when you might need a locksmith. click here to read it.

Finding a locksmith in your area should be relatively simple and easy, all you’d need in theory are a phone book and a working phone, but it always pays to check a man out before you assign him to the task of helping you out. Try to go for the locksmith that have one of the popular certificates that show they are actually allowed to bear strange tools and put them to use. In fact, half the tool box of a locksmith would be very much illegal in the hands of a regular man. Getting certified can be a bit difficult at times, depending on where are you looking to get your diploma at. Locksmiths are one of the professions that have deep roots into the society and it is always a good idea to know a locksmith before you need him.


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5 Benefits of Using a Professional Locksmith Service

5 Benefits of Using a Professional Locksmith Service

Majority of people always don’t think about a lockout unless they are confronted by a situation. It’s normally a bad experience when you leave your home keys in the room even after you have walked out of the door. Or leaving your car keys inside the car and you’ve locked it. When you find yourself in these kinds of situations, a professional mobile locksmith service is going to come in handy. Mobile locksmiths operate or work as mobile workshops which make emergency roadside calls. They also travel to businesses and homes. The following are some of the advantages of using a professional mobile locksmith service:

1. Quick Response Time

There are times you can find yourself locked out of your car, and in the most inconvenient of places. Or perhaps you are locked out of your home, and you do not have a backup key. When you are in such situations, a mobile locksmith is going to get you back on the road quickly so that you may continue with your schedule without delay. Note that mobile locksmiths are well trained to quickly respond to all kinds of emergency situations. They’re able to provide different quick solutions such as making a new set of car, office or home keys on the spot, and changing your locks within a matter of minutes.

2. Wider Availability

People normally get locked out, or the break car keys at all times. Most of professional mobile locksmith services operate round-the-clock. Therefore, you need not to panic when you find yourself in a lockout situation. A mobile locksmith is immediately going to respond to your needs.

3. Specialized Services

A number of mobile locksmiths are well trained to specialize in particular fields, like forensic locksmithing. And this kind of training trains them on the way to determine whether or not a lock has been tampered with. Often they work with security agencies or law enforcement officers. In several instances, a single business may hire the services of a mobile locksmith with this type of speciality to be always on call for them.

4. Remote Locations

Cars or vehicles sometimes break down in remote and difficult to reach areas, on freeways or rather roads far from traditional locksmith locksmith locations. But mobile locksmiths are normally well equipped to reach you at any kind of location with all the necessary equipment or tools for the job.

5. Extensive Training

A certified or licensed mobile locksmiths goes through extensive training. They’re tested on different locks and learn extensively how every one of them operates. This kind of training prepares them to be capable of almost fixing any type of lock even when they have never handled the kind they might be called upon to fix. Mobile locksmiths who need to to be certified must also pass criminal background check. Therefore, they are trustworthy.
Mobile locksmiths operate independently or with a large organization or entity to provide different services like rekeying, lock replacement, emergency rekey, lock installation, office lockout, keys by code, file cabinet locks, safe combination changes, electronic locks, latch guards, detex alarms among others. Some may perform different lockout solutions for both commercial and residential calls. You should consider hiring a mobile locksmith from a reputable and professional organization. They are very helpful when you find yourself in a lockout situation.


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Why are locksmiths expensive?

This is a rather commonplace question asked by many people worldwide. Locksmithing is one of the most taxing professions out there. In fact, this is one of the main reasons these technicians have inimitably high demand. Since locks experts perform extremely sensitive tasks and charge remarkably high service provision fees, it’s prudent to hire the most competent ones.

Nevertheless, many individuals don’t seem to know how to find the right locksmithing specialists. As such, this article briefly explores some failsafe guidelines that will help you contract the most reliable locks design and repair service providers. Continue reading to discover some top 5 tips for choosing the best locksmiths.

1. Solid Reputation

Since locksmithing doyens handle security-related assignments, it’s good to hire highly regarded ones. In order to steer clear of unscrupulous entities in this overly crowded field, it’s wise to ask the technicians you hire to present at least three trustable referees. On top of this worthy precautionary step, remember to personally contact the names provided so as to prove their authenticity. Never accept to hire seemingly dubious service providers who don’t have plausible evidence that they’re truly well-reputed.

2. Reasonable Fees

Again, you should ask yourself this basic question: “Why are locksmiths expensive?” The answer is very simple and straightforward – because these specialists tackle both fairly demanding and understandably sensitive tasks. However, the truth that locksmithing projects entail a lot of delicate procedures does not imply that you should fork out an entire fortune paying the the said services. Instead, the statement is a simple tip to enlighten you on the fact that there are hardly any dirt-cheap locksmithing packages in the current market.

3. Rave Reviews

In addition to the above points, it’s also advisable to work with fully competent locks gurus who have received a great deal of positive reviews from past clients. Whether you opt for offline customer feedback sources or look at online reviews on a locksmith’s commercial webpages, the whole aim is to see if they have at least surpassed basic customer satisfaction thresholds. Nonetheless, you still ought to be thoroughly keen so as to avoid being duped by some particularly sly impostors who might display fake client reports.

4.Thorough Online Search

Further, individuals scouting for dependable locksmithing services may conduct an online search for great technicians with this awfully competitive niche. Even if it’s your very first time to look for such technicians, you’ll readily come across scores of web-based ads for various specialists who offer affordable locksmithing packages. As you navigate several websites sleuthing for the ultimate choice, don’t ignore any recent comments posted by other customers as these firsthand client remarks help distinguish unquestionably reliable technicians from mere hucksters.

5. Extensive Professional Experience

Finally, you are advised to go for fully seasoned locksmiths who have previously served many other clients. Have you been asking yourself, “Why are locksmiths expensive?” They’re actually so costly due to the many years of tireless practice needed to perfect this incomparably tough trade. As such, you’re supposed to hire painstakingly practiced service providers who have satisfactorily undertaken similar tasks before. To be sure that the person you contract is indeed experienced in the locks repair/design professional field, ask them to show any tangible evidence of long-standing skilfulness.

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How to become a locksmith


Locksmiths Auckland

locksmith specializes in making, selling, maintaining and fitting locks and safes for customers. These professionals provide a wide range of services relating to locks and safes – installation of locks, changing locks, re-keying locks, repair, and opening safes.

With modern locking systems becoming more advanced with time, locksmithing demands a high level of training, expertise and precision.

To become a locksmith, one must meet the following basic eligibility requirements:

  1. Must be 18 years and above.
  2. Must be licensed by the relevant body.
  3. Must complete and pass a locksmith training course.
  4. Must take and pass a certification exam.
  5. Must pass a criminal background check.
  6. Other ways to become a locksmith.
  7. Working as an apprentice

Most of the professional locksmiths worked as apprentices before they scaled the heights of the locksmithing profession. Therefore, its a good idea to work under a master locksmith as an apprentice in order to gain practical skills. When a person works as an apprentice, they tend to progress faster to handle more complicated tasks .

Enroll for a locksmith course in training school

There are many certified training programs which offer certificate and diploma training courses in locksmithing. The course must combine classroom learning and hands-on experience. It can take one a little as two months to complete a locksmith training course.

Another convenient way to become a locksmith is to utilize the internet for practical and theory training needed to become a locksmith. This applies especially in areas where there are no accredited schools for locksmith training. There are many online facilities that offer locksmith training course.

Get insurance cover

To have peace of mind in a locksmithing job, one must carry liability insurance cover for any unfortunate incidences that may happen during the job. This includes worker’s compensation insurance cover to compensate workers for injuries occurring during the job.

One can as well seek the advice of experienced locksmiths in their area. They could offer useful tips on how they pursued their education and training.

Other set of skills that are important for one to become a locksmith include:

  1. Excellent communication skills.
  2. Problem-solving capability.
  3. Good practical skills.
  4. Carpentry and metalwork skills.
  5. Ability to pay attention to detail.
  6. Patience.

Becoming a fully qualified locksmith requires one to invest their time and resources in the profession in order to acquire optimal skills, knowledge, and expertise with locksmithing tools. Being a professional locksmith can be a lucrative career. Once one completes their training, they can consider starting their own locksmith business or work for a locksmith company to enhance their acquired skills.

One thing is certain: Locksmithing will always in great demand no matter the state of the economy.

Mobile Locksmiths near me in Auckland!

Mobile Locksmiths in Auckland

Locksmiths, we do need them don’t we cause without them we’d be in trouble incase we lose our keys or have been locked in a room. So in this situation the first person that comes to your mind is a locksmith.

mobile locksmith Auckland

Some of the situations when you might need a locksmiths are:

  1. When you lost your keys.
  2. When you want to install a new lock in your house.
  3. You’re locked in your house and can’t get out.
  4. You lost your car key and can’t open your door.
  5. You’ve got your key but can’t open the door as your key is twisted.

There are some many other reason when you might need a locksmith.

It’s so frustrating being locked up in a room just waiting for sometime to come rescue you and in that waiting time every second seems to last so long that you tend to think that everyone second last so long. And in this time, a locksmith can be your best friend and can help you.

So if you have a smart phone, you’re in business but you need to have internet data to access the internet. If you’ve got access to internet then you can do a Google search something like “Locksmiths near me in Auckland” and this will return some search results with all the local locksmiths near you. So there you go, you’ve got your friend, your locksmith.  But before you press that call button, make to visit their website and do some research just to make sure that they’re legit.

I know this does not make sense as you’ve waiting for so long thinking to get out of that locked room, and here I am suggesting that you should do some research before you call the Locksmith. The reason we are doing this is because there are a lot of fake locksmiths out there, so you’ve got to be a bit careful.

Also make sure to read their reviews posted by other customer who have interacted with this locksmith before. Here’s where to read the reviews. When you do a Google search “Locksmiths near me”, you will get search results including 3 map listings, click on the map listing that is nearest to you and on the next page, there should a option called “Reviews” click on that and you will see a list of all the reviews posted by previous customers.

Well reading the reviews  it’s worth your time to spend that extra time in doing your search cause this will make you confident that you’re calling the right locksmith and the one nearest to your location.

So you call the locksmith and he’s on his way to your house, what do you do next! Here’s what you should do when the locksmiths arrives. Ask for their Identity Card, just to make sure that they are who they are. If they seems legit then you can ask them to help you out. Once they are done, make sure you ask for a receipt when you pay and if you really like the locksmith, then ask for their phone number as you might need them in case in future. You never know!

So, if you are looking in Auckland and need a locksmith next time in near future, we recommend Chubb Security, they are the leaders when it comes to Security and Locksmith cause they have many years of experience.

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Locksmiths in Auckland, New Zealand

We all are in need of a Locksmith. It’s quite frustrating when you’re locked in a room and you can’t open the door or the key is not working properly and you can’t open the lock or you lost your car keys and you need help to open your car door. But don’t worry, that’s always a solution. If we can’t do it, we can ask a Locksmith to help us.  These are some of the situation we rely on  Locksmiths to help us out.

If you find yourself in any of these situation, you can easily find a locksmith in your area. Just search in google “Locksmith Auckland” if you’re living in Auckland or if you’re living in some other cities, search “Locksmith” with the location name and you will see a lot of businesses offering lock services.  Before you make the call and ask them to come to your house or businesses, do some research about the business you’re calling. Make sure you call the right locksmith for professional and quality services.

Ask for the locksmith’s identification and business card. Make sure the information on the business card matches the company name on the invoice. Look at the written estimate the locksmith brought, or ask him to write one up before he starts working. If the estimate doesn’t match what you heard on the phone, think about whether you want to call someone else. Don’t hand over your credit card until you agree with the estimate. Before you pay, get a written invoice that shows the company name and lists labor, replacement parts and all fees you’re being charged. If the service was good, save the number in case there’s a next time.


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Chubb Security have nearly 200 years of experience in the lock industry. Their services range from large scale commercial master key system installations to small residential lock services and lockouts – they have all bases covered. Call them on 0800 20 30 40, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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